Brighter Vistas Testing and Consultation seeks to gather a full range of information in order to identify learning issues and provide direction and strategies to be used by students, parents, teachers, and educational and medical professionals.  Learning disabilities frequently are unidentified and it is the goal of Brighter Vistas to target areas that require support.

Brighter Vistas assesses individuals from Kindergarten through college.  Information obtained through the evaluations includes cognitive strengths and weaknesses, recommendations to address deficits and vulnerabilities, diagnosis of specific learning issues, and accommodations for classroom learning and standardized tests.

Brighter Vistas does not typically see individuals with significant behavioral or socialization issues, but rather advocates primarily for individuals in primary and secondary school settings and those who are college bound or attending college.  

Based upon results of the evaluation, recommendations and accommodations (if they pertain) will be provided as part of the report and will be discussed during the consultation.  Tutors, teachers, and therapists are welcome, at the parents’ request, to attend in order to receive answers to questions.

 Health Savings Accounts may  be used to cover the cost of the evaluation.  Visa, MasterCard,  check, cryptocurrency, or cash are accepted.  Half of the fee is due at the beginning of the evaluation, and the final half is due upon completion of report.  The fee for the testing is 1450.00.

The evaluation includes examination pertaining to cognitive areas including intellectual ability (IQ), educational achievement, language skills (receptive, expressive, and pragmatic usage), perceptual (auditory and visual), reading, and mathematics.  Possible instruments include: Wechlser evaluations (WISC-V, WAIS-IV, WIAT-IV), Woodcock-Johnson IV (Cognitive, Achievement, Oral Language,), Oral and Written Language Scales-II, Feifer Assessment of Written Expression, Feifer Assessment of Reading, Gray Oral Reading Test-5, Bender-Gestalt Visual-Motor Skills Test-2, KeyMath3, Feifer Assessment of Math, Conner’s AD/HD Scale, and others.  In addition, teacher observations, review of school records, and detailed background history provides supporting information.  


CEC - Council for Exceptional Children

TEDA - Texas Educational Diagnostician's Association

IDA - International Dyslexia Association

NCED - National Certification of Educational Diagnosticians

HOU-MET - Houston Metropolitan Educational Diagnosticians'