My son Nate has mild ADHD and Dysgraphia.  He is a very smart child and was doing well in school and compensated for his learning difference until the 4th grade.  That was when the cracks in his learning foundation became too pronounced and it all came crashing down.  My formerly happy child was crying every night doing homework and telling me he is stupid and hated school.  My A/B student was now failing Reading and English.  When Nate started 4th grade he was reading about 6-8 months below grade level and was struggling to write even simple sentences.  Nate started working with Catherine Davis at Brighter Vistas 2 days a week.  Within 6 months of beginning his Educational Therapy with her, we witnessed a huge difference.  He was reading at grade level, and his attitude towards school and his self-esteem had dramatically improved.  

We are in our second year of working with Catherine Davis.  I can’t say enough about her and all the “Vistateers” at Brighter Vistas.  I have never seen a more loving, positive environment.  They truly love and fully invest in the lives of each and every one of the students they work with.  Nate attends Brighter Vistas 2 days a week before school.  He has never complained about going or how early he has to wake up.  He truly looks forward to “Miss Catherine” time.  Nate is now on the A/B honor roll and has had perfect conduct his entire 5th grade year.  He has a love of reading and is excited to buy and read new books.  We are managing his ADHD issues with strategies and not medication.  Writing is still a struggle for Nate, but it is drastically improved after working with Brighter Vistas.  I am confident that with continued Educational Therapy he will get to where he needs to be in that area too.  

- Paula Millner

My son John came to Brighter Vistas in 2013 and has been attending 1 to 2 times a week since.

While his reading and phonics skills were weak, he was extremely shy and unsure of himself.  Sending him there has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We have watched him grow leaps and bounds, academically but most importantly emotionally. He is now willing to take risks when answering questions and reading aloud. 
We couldn’t be happier with his progress. We are so thankful to Ms. Mary and the entire Vistas team for their help and compassion.                                                                                                                        
- Laura Spengel

We are beyond grateful for the team of specialists at Brighter Vistas.  Our son has struggled academically since the second grade.  After countless doctor and therapist visits, and many parent/teacher conferences, we were finally able to receive his diagnosis of Dyspraxia from the Certified Diagnostician at Brighter Vistas.  We hesitate to think what our son's middle school and high school education would have been like without the educational therapy he has received, and the one-on-one attention and love that is poured into him by the "Vista-teers."

- James and Melisa Appleton
Proud parents of a Child who Learns Differently!

Our son Nicholas has been in Brighter Vistas for almost two years.  Due to scheduling, Mrs. Davis asked if we would let Mrs. Janet Robinson take over working with Nicholas last fall.  As a parent you always wonder if our child would be comfortable with the change.  Things could not have gone more smoothly.  Nicholas immediately felt very comfortable working with Mrs. Robinson.  Mrs. Robinson has a real heart for our son and helping him overcome his learning challenges.  She has a challenging program for him.  As his parents we have appreciated the great effort she has made with Nicholas.  We also appreciate how thoughtful she is in communicating with us on whatever is going on by telephone calls or use of e-mails. Nicholas really enjoys the chips program that she uses.
- Karen & Quinn

​After moving back from Australia my twins needed some math tutoring to catch up in the 5th grade. My daughter had worked with Mary and some other instructors at Brighter Vistas during kindergarten and 1st grade to support her reading development.

Mary is a wonderful tutor! Even after a long day of school my children were always happy and smiling knowing they were going to see Ms. Mary for their tutoring session. She has worked so beautifully with the children. She has always shown such care and concern with them.

After transitioning to middle school at a public school we kept Mary as their tutor for a period of time to insure they would have a successful year. She was able to assist them in whatever subject they needed extra help with.

This year my children have grown into such wonderful students. They are very diligent about their school work and have performed so well at the school. They have both made honor roll all year and both were asked to be in the National Junior Honor Society as well.

I really appreciated Mary's work with the children and feel their success has been in part to the tutoring they received from Mary at Brighter Vistas.

May God continue to bless her and the children she tutors.

- Tammy

​Brighter Vistas has been a blessing to Grace and Faith. When they entered the program over two years ago, both were severely lacking in several educational skills such as Reading, Math, and cognitive development. The diagnostician and therapists at Brighter Vistas worked diligently to assess and improve their learning skills so that the girls could be more successful in their 4th grade classrooms. The educational techniques, guidance, positive reinforcement, and love used in Brighter Vistas have led to both girls improving greatly in their deficient skills.  This has led to better grades and more self-confidence. As a grandparent and retired educator, it is so wonderful to see their progress and thanks to Brighter Vistas, my granddaughters are more successful.

- Debbi Dye
Retired Educator and Administrator

No other private Christian school in this area offers these services.  The mere fact that Covenant had partnered with an organization that helps those students possibly facing a variety of educational challenges spoke volumes about the heart of the board, administration and faculty.  After all, God made us in His image and sent His Son so that we all could have a full life.  Should not we do all we can in an educational setting to honor God and the reason He sent His Son?   

- Bart Griffith 

My son has been receiving educational therapy from Brighter Vistas for over three years.  While the changes we have seen in his grades, vocabulary and handwriting are outstanding, the changes in is personality are indescribable.  He no longer feels like he needs to be “artificial” to fit in.  This year he has been able to control his ADHD without medication and receive all A’s on his report card. What a blessing educational therapy has been, I am so thankful we made the decision to enroll him.  His therapist is part of our family.  She encourages him in his areas of struggle and rejoices in his success.  I truly don’t know what we would do without her.  I am so thankful he can continue his therapy through high school and into college. 

- Julie Birkner